In 2013...

2013 was a year of up and downs. We kept so busy most of the year, which is probably why it feels like it flew by! Vince worked full time and went to school 3/4 time and I went to school full time and worked part time. We had a lot of fun adventures and learned so much about ourselves and our world. As I've done in previous years, here are a few things that kept us busy this year:

1. Discovered a new favorite museum, the Musical Instrument Museum

2. Rescued a wandering puppy

3. Had a sister-in-law leave on a mission

4. Became nursery leaders

5. Went on a 4000+ mile road trip

6. Ran in 4 races

7. Celebrated our 6th dating anniversary and 4th wedding anniversary

8. Had an extremely successful container garden

9. Tried our hand at home preserving

10. Had an awesome Halloween costume and pumpkins

11. Taught my first elementary school lesson

12. Vince successfully wrote a complicated computer program

13. Built a homemade headboard and nightstands

14. Had 5 concerts (3 band, 2 clarinet choir)

15. Went on a few hikes

16. Visited a lot of family

17. Visited Ohio a few times

18. Took even more pictures of Toby

19. Visited several temples

20. Did some crafting including finishing my 4th quilt and making things with my Silhouette

21. Added a few new pieces to my wardrobe

22. Tried a lot of new dinners
Here are a only a few of my favorites. From left to right: Crock Pot chicken with black beans and cream cheese, chicken fajitas, savory crepes, grilled capreese chicken, Asian steak
23. Tried a lot of new desserts
Again, only a few of my favorites. From left to right: Peach and blueberry cobbler, pear crisp, strawberry summer cake, pumpkin roll, rustic apple tart
24. Learned how to use a DSLR 

25. Had a busy but wonderful year!


Vanessa said...

looks like an awesome year. I love the pictures!

Megan said...

Thanks :) It was a good one!